Mile-High Shootout

Scheduled for July 10th - 12th, 2020


The Mile High Shootout is an 18-20 stage field course with static and reactive targets ranging from 200 yards to 1400 yards. 


Most targets will be under 1000 yards, but get ready for a few surprises! Most shooting positions will be in natural terrain and conditions with a few shooting props.  


Walking between stages will be necessary so plan on shooting the entire course with what you’re carrying!  Round count for the match will be no more than 250, but be sure to bring extra ammunition for the zero range.

We are back for the third year! Once again this match features a mix of long range and positional shooting on natural terrain in northwest Colorado. With access to almost 1500 acres, the shooting scenarios are almost limitless.

The Mile High Shootout is held on a private range 17 miles west of Craig, Colorado on US highway 40, making access and accommodations extremely easy. Craig offers every accommodation and is a 4.5 hour drive from Denver and 3 hour drive from Grand Junction.

The Mile High Shootout prides itself on lots of shooting and movement. Expect to shoot 200-250 rounds to complete the course of fire not including zero/ practice range and side matches. Colorado in July can be hot and dry so please come prepared with sunscreen and sun shirts as the sun at this elevation is strong. Water will be provided at every stage and staying hydrated is very important.


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