Team Assault Course
3-day match, 11-13 May, 2018


  • Precision Rifle Shooter 30 Cal./3150-fps max.

  • Carbine Shooter 223/556 only, 20" barrel/77-gr/3200-fps max.

  • Carbine can be a bolt gun, but it would hurt you on the assault stages.

  • Both shooters carry and use Pistols.  38/9mm to 45 Cal. 

  • Holsters must pass retention test by holding pistol (with full magazine) in holster upside down and shaking aggressively without release. 

  • Retention can be button release, strap, or friction hold as long as it passes test.

  • Field course each morning, locate, range, and engage targets. 

  • Only on the clock while shooting the stage.  ~ 5-6 minutes. 

  • No limit on equipment or gear, but must carry it all throughout the field courses (at least 2-miles long, plus return walk)

  • Assault Courses two per day Friday and Saturday afternoons. 

  • Run and gun with carbine/pistol and/or pistol/pistol scenario.  90-sec to 10-min courses. 

  • Mandatory eye protection on pistol stages and assault Courses. 


Got some really cool things planned.


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